Costs for Running a Website

Website Cost

Internet enthusiast or a local business vendor must not be discouraged by the various costs of running a website. Some firms trap customers in with the assurance of one-time payments. As good as this sounds, beware. Web sites have maintenance fees (typically funded once-a-month or annually) that can't be escaped. Whichever company that claims otherwise is being fraudulent.

Domain Name Registration

The first step towards a website starts with buying a domain. The domain is the web address that your customers will type in to get to your site. The best domains are simple and related to your business name, like Yearly fees must be paid in order to maintain the rights.

Web Site Hosting

To allow you to display your web site on the Internet you require a server to host your files. The domain is like the physical address and the big sign outside the store. Hosting makes the inside of the store accessible, the most valuable part. The costs vary depending on the specifics of the type of hosting, but average for a small site is about Rs 600 to 1500 a year. Big sites, however, may cost more. Hosting and domain fees make up the minimum costs everyone pays for a website. There is no escape on those charges.

Web Site Design, Content & Creation

This is a one-off payment to a professional Website Designer, which can run into the thousands of rupees or dollars. The cost will vary, depending on the quality and features required. A site can be anything from a single page "resume-style" design to a multi-page, fully functional, static or a dynamic website.

Maintenance of a Website Site

Once the website is in good working order, in order to keep the site visits up, you'll have to service the site regularly to keep the content fresh and interesting. If it gets stale, your business will hurt. The most effective sites are maintained monthly, but not everyone has this kind of time. In this case, it is a good choice to hire a professional to update your site for at least a few hours a month. The cost of this is very minimal compared to the previous step and it depends on the anticipated workload, and what level of maintenance you require.


  • Domain registration on an average costs Rs 600/year

  • Hosting on an average costs Rs 800/year (static website) or 1500/year (dynamic website)

  • Web development can cost thousands of rupees depending on the pages, data and static/dynamic site

  • Maintenance is optional for static sites but highly recommended costing several hundred rupees

The money you spend monthly is nothing compared to the money you'll lose if you do not have an online presence. According to studies, most companies go out of business if they do not have a working website within 5 years of opening.

Maintaining a website may sound like a lot of money and time, but it is definitely worth it.