Newsletter design

Send Email Newsletters from your own Website

Update your friends and customers with the latest happenings in your business or organisation. Keep them informed of what's new, remind them to sign up for an upcoming event, or make note of a sale that is ending soon. If you're not engaging your site's subscribers through an e-newsletter you're missing out on one of the greatest strategies available. An e-newsletter can be critical to your site's success but they can be a challenge to setup, expensive, and made more complicated by going through a 3rd party service with it's own branding. Until now.

Talk to me about setting up your WordPress website with a fully integrated, simple to use Newsletter system. We can set up everything for you that you need to create successful email campaigns and track the results all from your WordPress Dashboard!

There are no extra logins and no monthly fees.

  • Create and edit advanced e-newsletters

  • Impress your subscribers with professionally designed templates

  • Quickly setup unlimited numbers of groups and subscribers

  • Track each newsletter's results with all the statistics you need

  • Display a widget on your site for easy sign ups and subscription management

  • Provide a subscriptions panel, within WordPress, where anyone can easily sign up or modify their subscription information

  • Setting up a new campaign is a snap! You simply create a new group, allow for signups on your site and manually add any members or new accounts as necessary, and create your newsletter!

  • Step-by-step email wizard

  • Professional email templates

  • Easy editing with advanced features such as inserting and resizing images, full text editing and more

  • Promote your brand by adding links and images to your social network profiles

  • Registration and subscription management widget

  • Manage your member lists by interest or anything you like to better target your messages

  • Manage bounce and unsubscribe information so your emails get to the right people

Start sending your e-newsletter mail-outs today!