Website administration

On-going Website Maintenance

As websites become more feature-rich, on-going maintenance, analytics and updates are required to keep them running properly, safely and at the best speed possible. Constant review and adjustment is also required in order to obtain the best SEO results. We can perform the necessary tasks to ensure your website runs as it should - is regularly updated, constantly maintained and is always secure - by performing the following:


  • Install version updates of plugins and software as they become available

  • Regular sitemap submission - this notifies search engines that fresh content is available for indexing, and this "freshness factor" that helps to boost the website's ranking. They also give the likes of Google a guided tour of your website, with an explanation of the importance of one page when compared to another. In this way, the most important parts of your site are more likely to be prioritized, indexed and cached accordingly.


  • Regular automated backups of your website - your data will be safe and retrievable


  • Install a 'Traffic Alert' so that I will know immediately if your website is attacked by hackers

  • Perform checks via ensure that your website is free of malware and other harmful viruses


  • Monitor the server resources - website and email disc space usage, php memory usage

  • Monitor page speeds and loading times and adjust where necessary

  • Monitor visitor statistics and continually work on improving your search engine rankings

  • Regular validation checks of HTML and CSS on every page and post on your site

  • Regular checks of the health of your site - if there are any problems, I quickly fix them

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Install SEO software and keywords to your site's posts and pages. An SEO Keyword is what a web user would type into a search engine to find a related site based on what they search for.

  • Check that your site includes search words within the text and includes related search terms (strings of words that people may use to search for things in Google. I will also check your keyword density (how often words are appearing)

  • Use tools to check that Google is seeing your site in full, and which words are being added to Google's database


  • Optimise the database tables by clearing out post revisions, pingbacks and unused tags

  • Perform regular table optimisation to increase performance

  • Optimize your Permalinks. Poorly configured permalinks can slow down your site, especially if you have lots of posts and pages.

  • Delete spam comments from your website's database

  • Analysis of resource usage - optimise plugin load times and impact

  • Install a Caching Plugin which will speed up your site considerably


If you would like me to have me manage, monitor, optimise, and secure your site on a regular basis, the cost is $20 a month. I will invoice you for one year in advance ($240 incl VAT) once the website is up and running on your domain, and then annually for as long as you wish me to administer and maintain your website.

You will receive detailed reports bi-annually. This will allow you to review your website's performance and security status.

If you have an existing website that was not designed by me, but would still like to have me administer it for you, please contact me so that we can discuss your options.