Website Design

You need a unique website with the wow factor that will immediately set your business apart from the rest. We have the talent and experience to deliver what you need to stand out in a crowded market.

We will set up your new website, including the database, create each page, the menu structure and galleries. Once done, We are happy to administer the site, but you also have the option of making changes and updates to some parts of the website yourselves (detailed instructions will be provided if you require them).

You will be able to change text on various pages (if required), add and remove photographs from the galleries and administer your own blog/news area. Content is easily changed through a user-friendly admin interface.

Once your website has been designed We begin the process of setting up your site's required level of security and optimisation. We will submit information about your website to Google and set up Google Analytics. You will receive a monthly email report of your site's statistics so you can see how many visitors you have, how they found you and where they're from.

Included in the quoted price:

  • Design and development of your new website

  • Setting up a domain, hosting account and emails if required

  • Moving the new website onto your domain

  • Custom 404 error page

  • CMS 'How To' documents (if required)

  • Checking your site layout and functionality in all modern web browsers

  • Validation to check whether your pages are built in accordance with Web Standards

  • Checking the markup (HTML, xHTML) of your website pages

  • Testing of all forms and interactive elements on your website

  • Installing and configuring anti-virus and security software

  • Analyse, configure and optimise your website's page loading time

  • Set up caching to increase your site's speed while reducing server load

  • Submission of an XML sitemap to Google & Bing (informing them about pages on your site)

  • Setting up Google Analytics and regular reporting of your site statistics

On-going website changes and support:

Revisions will be free while the website is being designed, and as long as the nature of the project doesn't differ from the original brief. We will work with you until you're happy. However, once the site has been approved and has gone 'live', website additions and changes will be charged at $40 per hour (incl. GST).

Support (preferably via email) will be provided free of charge. We are happy to help you with decisions in the future. Website technologies are constantly changing and We like to keep up to date with new trends in design and software.

Adding safeguards to your WordPress website:

Although no website is 100% secure, my aim is to make it as hard as possible for anyone to exploit your site. WordPress sites designed and administered by me are optimised for search engines and are kept up-to-date with the latest security software.

We follow best practices for protecting and optimising your data:

  • Activation of a Spam filter

  • Change the Database Table's prefix

  • Use .htaccess as a Firewall

  • Inclusion of Custom Secret Keys in wp-config.php

  • Installation of Security Plugins to protect your website from hackers

  • Ensure Users and Passwords, Roles and Permissions are secure and set up correctly